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The real estate industry is always seeking the latest trends when it comes to featuring properties in the market. The property owners and property sellers aspire to put the best presentation possible to their potential customers. For this purpose, drones are most popular in the commercial real estate industries that take aerial images and videos of the property offering diverse views of the listings. Drones are used for all types of commercial properties such as hotels, industrial buildings, golf courses, sports clubs, and professional working spaces. With the help of aerial photography, one can present not only their properties but the area surrounding the properties as well.

advantages of employing drones

Attractive visuals

The drones can reach difficult-to-access areas and create a bird’s eye view perspective of the property. It offers detailed images and videos from every possible perspective that intensifies the visuals.

Marketing benefits

Real estate is a highly competitive market where drones help you enhance and exemplify the presentation of properties with aerial views and 3D virtual tours that increases the reach to potential customers.

Highlight features

With an aerial view of the listing one can highlight the existing amenities and attractive features that are nearer to the property. With a detailed view, one can also highlight the unique attributes of the property.

Save time

While traditional inspection methods and data collection can be a time-consuming process, by deploying drones time can be saved. The swift mobility of drones reduces the working time to gather information.

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Need Expert Consultation?
Let Us Help You!

What do we bring to the table?

Drones can take mesmerizing pictures and videos of the taller buildings and acres of land including the area surrounding them. Such data representation creates a really strong presentation for marketing any property. With the acquired aerial data we can create panoramas and 3D virtual tours. It gives potential customers and property visitors the ability to learn about the location and provides a sense of a physical presence with the property. All such data presentation is also useful in site selection and construction development. Drones are exemplifying the trends of aerial photoshoots, videos, and virtual tours in the commercial real estate industry.

Supporting commercial building inspections and maintenance

There are many ways drones can be implemented in property management and maintenance. One of the main applications of drones in the commercial real estate market is performing roof inspections. The drones can gather information about every nook and corner of the property in a shorter time. Access to this data can help one take the immediate action needed for the maintenance of the property.

Apart from performing inspection checks, we can equip drones with thermal cameras that identify problems related to heating ventilation, and air conditioning. It is really important to maintain proper ventilation around the buildings and make them free of any such problems. Drones are used to inspect the proper working of ventilation infrastructure that removed any risk of surprises.