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In the energy industry, wind turbines are expected to contribute almost more than 30% resources of renewable energy generation. The numbers are assertive that wind energy farm owners require efficient and peak capacity functioning of turbines. To maximize the rate of interest and extend the lifespan of wind turbines it is important to perform regular maintenance and inspection checks. The wind turbines are continuously exposed to varying environmental and irregular weather conditions. This irregularity in the ambiance of turbine blades subjects them to dust, heavy wind gusts, hail and snowstorms, and extreme load conditions. 

How do drones ace the turbine inspection?

How do drones ace the turbine inspection?

As wind turbines blades are exposed to many hazards. It has become mandatory for the turbine farm owners to perform regular inspections and operate the maintenance of the wind turbine blades. The traditional blade inspection methods are risky and time-consuming as it involves a life of personnel who inspects blades manually. Human involvement for blade inspection also has certain limitations where difficult-to-reach areas are not accessible. To eliminate all such risks and perform the inspections efficiently, drones come into the picture. With the help of drones, it is possible to perform inspection checks without any contact with the blades. The drones provide absolute safety to the humans to collect information and ensure that all the inspections are performed in a non-destructive method. 

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Need Expert Consultation?
Let Us Help You!

Benefits of Drones in Wind Turbine Industry

Time efficient

Traditional inspection methods require a team and are a time-consuming process. A single-flight of the drone can inspect a complete wind turbine and its blades

Reduced downtime

With the help of drones the downtime of the turbines during inspection can be reduced which results in lesser loss of business and more energy production

Ensure safety

The flight operations of drones completely eliminate the need for manual inspection that helps in ensuring human safety as well as the safety of the turbine blades.

Identify defects

Drones collect data with the help of videos and images that can be accessed immediately and help identify any surface defects or irregularity in the blade surface quickly.

Eliminate risks

With traditional inspection methods, there is always risk associated that may damage the blade surface and reduce the efficiency of the turbine, which is not the case with the aerial inspection.

Lesser cost

Utilizing drones for wind turbine maintenance has proved to be a cost-efficient process as compared to its conventional methods.

Our commercial drone services and data

We provide high-quality drone services that are safest, and most effective in the market. Our flight operations are performed by qualified and experienced pilots who excel at site operations. The drones are equipped with thermal and visual cameras that help detect failures, improve the operations and maintenance of turbines. It is easier to collect aerial data in the form of images and videos that combined with modern photogrammetric methods can generate digitized models for wind turbine farms. It also helps in the development of future design locations for wind turbines on the farm site.