Wings Of A Dove Drone Services LLC

The drone photography for a school and its annual functions can be memorable events for the students and the staff alike. The drone data can be used in yearbooks that help present the institution’s culture. The schools equipped with larger sports arenas and facilities exhibit the athletic activities performed in school. The rise in popularity and ease of operations of drones makes it perfect to capture major milestones such as the celebration of the 25th anniversary or the graduation ceremony of pupils, the aerial photos can be one of the perfect gifts. While capturing the data, our services follow the best course of safety and security for everyone.

Showcase the sports facilities

The aerial shots are a perfect way to capture the sports events of the school. Drones can easily maneuver over a large campus and capture the impressive sports facilities offered by the school. The advanced cameras mounted on drones can capture high-definition images and videos. Our video production services provide the most innovative and charismatic pictures and videos of memories associated with the school. It will help you promote your school and the facilities offered by it. We can also capture the activities of the different sports being played by students.

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Need Expert Consultation?
Let Us Help You!

Record the annual events

The first day of school is a very special event for the student and parents alike, so is the convocation ceremony. The large crowd gathering in the arena can be difficult to access and capture through ground cameras. Drones can help present recordings of such events in a creative way. Our expert drones operators can hover the drones effortlessly over the large crowd and capture the essence of that event with a complete view of the school’s surroundings.