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The energy industry is quickly expanding to renewable sources of energy. There is an exponential increase in the development of solar farms to meet the power production requirements. As solar farms are developed there is an increasing need for their regular operations and maintenance for efficient performance. The renewable energy industry is growing rapidly so is the need for its maintenance. The inspection checks contribute a major part to the maintenance and efficient operations of any solar farm. With regular inspection checks, we can identify defects and eliminate any potential hazards that may affect the performance.

Benefits of using drones in Solar Panel Inspection

Save time

By employing drones in the solar farm, one can perform visual inspection over acres in a shorter time irrespective of extreme and hot weather conditions.

Find out defects

The quicker we can find the defects present in solar panels the more immediate action can be taken for efficient working of the solar farms.

Thermal data

Drones can be equipped with thermal cameras that help determine any wiring issues or fuse failures on the surface of solar panels.

Avoid risks

With aerial data acquired by drones, there is no involvement of humans on the worksite as well as the solar panels are also inspected without any contact which reduces the chances of damage to any panels.

Cost Efficient

Operating drones on the farm site requires lesser personnel as compared to traditional methods for the lesser time makes it cost-efficient.

Safe environment

Implementing drones for solar farm inspection creates a safe environment for working personnel as well as for the solar panels.

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Need Expert Consultation?
Let Us Help You!

Risks associated with traditional inspection methods

The traditional inspection methods for solar farms involve manual inspection with handheld devices or manned aircraft that turns out to be expensive for the industries. The solar farms expand up to thousands of acres and it turns into a labour-intensive task. The traditional inspection methods require a huge team that may take weeks or months to perform an inspection of a complete solar farm. By employing drones, the time of any farm inspection can be drastically reduced while only employing several people for flight operations. For humans, it might also be risky to perform inspections in high-temperature zones during the day. All these risks can be avoided by employing drones for farm inspection. 

Mapping and Survey of solar farms

Industries come with many solutions and methods for solar farm management and regular operations of solar farms Drones without any power disruptions. Employing drones provide the most reliable and effective solutions for the maintenance and continuous operation of the solar farm. With the help of drones, it has been possible to perform inspection checks and maintenance in a non-destructive and non-contact manner. By collecting aerial data about solar farms, we can carry out an immediate action plan for efficient power production. We can also create digitized maps that may help in the expansion of solar panels on the same field.